1. We underpin the process of raising finance, with validated financial models and flex scenarios.

  2. We ensure appropriate situational knowledge.
AVENIA ADVANTAGE can assist to attract new Funding Partners, offering a combination of services that works best for the business.
  • To attract interest from the right kind of potential financiers, AVENIA ADVANTAGE must represent the commercial opportunity and risks. We articulate strategic linkages and give necessary insight into various facets of the project, and how ‘variable flex’ will impact viability.
  • AVENIA ADVANTAGE brings technical and situational knowledge to the table, such that financiers are able to draw comfort from the quality of the technical input, and are thus able to more efficiently get to the root of the key discussion.
  • We assist to articulate the business case, with quality risk-appraisal. This is to support risk-management processes of funding institutions.

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