1. We support the post financial-close process, including project monitoring.

  2. We provide extended ancillary services to support teams of Project Sponsor or/and funding partners over life of project.
AVENIA ADVANTAGE can assist Lenders / Investors with a robust monitoring plan, and execute this to maintain strong deal visibility following financial-close.
  • Monitoring: AVENIA ADVANTAGE can provide support ancillary services during the life of the project / business. Monitoring tools and templates (designed in conjunction with relevant industry / sector professionals) can be administered for a selected period, or through the life of the project. We also ensure that project communication is shared across deal and execution teams.
  • Various tools are used to report status of key leading indicators, and to project consequences of expected flex. These are to be reported to Project Sponsor’s management, and also to Funding Partner(s), i.e. before such flex may become problematic.

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